Listing your property on Room4Rent Malaysia website is free and easy. From the backend, the Room4Rent Malaysia team will try our best to optimize your property listing so that it is featured on Google in order to get more exposure to the public. To make sure your property rank higher in Google, here are some pro tips to help you fill in the blanks “correctly” during the property submission process.

A Clear Title of your Listing

The Title is the most important one and this is the bold headline that will feature on Google search results. Users are likely to search for the Property name + Location + Rent/Sale in Google, thus the best way to write the title is to use the following formula:

Property Name/Street Name, Location (City/Town) Unit for Rent/Sale

e.g. Wangsa Metroview, Wangsa Maju Condo for Rent

The Correct Sate, City, Location/Property

Make sure you have all the location information filled in correctly. If you are not sure, please check Google Map for the correct information. Clear information boosts user confidence and avoids misunderstanding, thus you will get a higher chance to rent out or sell your property.

Include a Short Summary in the Description

The next important part to pay attention when you submit your property in Room4Rent Malaysia website is the description field. It is recommended to always start your property description with a clear summary then followed by longer paragraphs or bullet form sentences. Make sure you include the property name, location, for sale/rent, and other related info that is important to your readers. A summary of your property for rent should sound like this:

e.g. Wangsa Metroview Medium Room, Wangsa Maju for rent is now available. Partially renovated with furniture and condo facilities. 5 minutes to LRT Station, 1km to the bus station, …

Photo Collage as Gallery

The gallery is one of the most important items of any listing on the website. Users tend to judge a property by its gallery/images on the first sight. To make sure that user clicks on your listing, you should get some great shots of your property. Combining multiple photos into a photo collage is recommended.

Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

Last but not least, you should always remember to include your contact information in the description box or user profile area.